Bedside Flowers

There are many advantages to taking control of your own funeral planning before dying. Having your funeral at home can offer:

  • An intimate setting for families to cherish final days with a loved one and honour their body

  • A longer, more intricate personalized ceremony

  • An opportunity for the family to have a more meaningful role in the funeral

  • Significant financial savings

  • Advice on simple procedural paperwork for regional death registration 

  • An extra supportive person to advise and facilitate the family through the death process.



Ocean Rocks

Traditional healing is a modality that is based on intuitively working with an individual’s energy field and dreams. It is based on the principle that Energy transforms Spirit.

Spirit transforms Mental. Mental transforms emotional.

Emotional transforms physical.



Client Visitations

May be recognized by some health benefit plans.

Some prefer not to die alone. Danielle's role is to assist the client with greater ease and comfort as surrender to the unknown of imminent death unfolds.

Senior Citizen

Vigil at


Danielle's assists the client's personal journey through the dying process.

Praying Together